Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need Massage Therapy?
Some of the benefits of massage therapy are:
  • Reduction of pain
  • Relaxation of tight muscles for improved range of motion
  • Relief of chronic pain & muscle tension
  • Relief of tension & stress
  • Increased circulation of blood & lymph, lowering blood pressure and improving overall health
  • Increased release of the body’s “feel-good” endorphins, therefore enhancing mood and creating a sense of well being
  • Increased immune system function
  • Allows the receiver time to do something good for themselves and their health
Massage is much more than just human touch; it enhances your life in ways you never thought possible. To some massage is a luxury, to others a necessity. Massage can reduce stress physically, emotionally, & mentally, which can improve your entire outlook on life. Massage therapy should be a part of everyone’s plan for a healthy lifestyle.
What should I expect from my first massage session?
Your first session will take a few minutes longer than subsequent sessions. We will have you fill out a brief health history form and an office policy form. Your therapist will discuss your health history and will answer any questions you may have at this time. The therapist will then leave the room to allow you significant time to undress to your comfort level and prepare for your massage. Sheets and blankets are used for draping during the entire massage for warmth and to protect your modesty. During the session we ask that talking be kept to a minimum to ensure your total relaxation. We play soft music in the background, however, if you prefer some of your own music, you may bring it to the session. After your session you may rest for a few moments before you get up and dress.
Why do I need to give my health history?
Although massage therapy is generally considered safe and healthy, some health issues may require the massage to be adapted to fit certain individuals needs. It is very important that we as therapists know beforehand any health issues you may have. The State of Wisconsin and National licenses that we hold require us to have all clients fill out this information. All information provided by you is kept strictly confidential.
Is massage therapy painful?
Massage should not be painful for any reason. Deep tissue massage may have a “hurts good” feeling when working on knotted and tight areas. Each client has his/her preference for pressure. If you feel any pain at any time, let your therapist know the pressure is too much for you and she will adjust the pressure for you.
Is massage therapy appropriate for everyone?
There are some health conditions that massage therapy is not appropriate for. This is another reason why we need a health history. There are certain conditions that specific types of massage are very beneficial for. If you are not feeling well (cold, flu, etc), you should wait to get your massage until you are feeling better. You will enjoy the massage more and will feel better after your session. This also reduces the chance of spreading the cold/flu virus on to others.
What should I do after my massage?
Drink plenty of water over the next 24 hours to keep yourself hydrated and flush any toxins released during your massage. Take the day to yourself, relax and don’t overdo. You may also do some gentle stretching, as this will prolong the effects of your massage session.
How long is my massage appointment?
Your massage session is for the length of scheduled time. A one-hour massage is a full 60 minutes, a half-hour massage a full 30 minutes, etc. We do allow extra time for the first appointment paperwork and for undressing and dressing. Your time is important to us; however, late arrivals will receive the balance of the allotted time so we can give clients scheduled after you their full amount of time.
What type of oil(s) do you use for massage?
We use 100% nut-free, preservative-free, and scent-free coconut oil for massage sessions. If you have any skin allergies or are irritated by any scents, please let your therapist know. We also use Young Living essential oils for aromatherapy and therapeutic massage.
What is your cancellation policy?
We request notice of cancellations at least 24 hours in advance. Your time is important, as is ours. Missed appointments or “no shows” will be charged half of the appointment price before another massage is received. Appointments using gift certificates will also be charged half the value of the certificate. Emergencies do arise, and we understand this. If at all possible, please give at least 24 hours notice.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, checks, and credit cards.
I like to check the labels of the health and beauty products that I buy. Is there anything I should avoid?
We applaud you on being aware of the products you use on and in your body. We have a list of products to avoid, what they are, their health risks, and products in which they are found. You can find that list here.